Hi, I’m Melinda and I’m a Coffee Addict.

Everyone has a thing when they travel. I discovered my baby brother (he’s 24 but he’ll always be my baby brother) collects magnets that double as a bottle opener and MUST have the name of the town he’s visiting. What’s mine? I collect coffee beans. I love exploring coffee shops and I take back coffee beans. I look forward to grinding them into espresso ready size and re-discovering the taste over and over until the bag is gone.

However, when I am unable to make my own coffee, I have a go to. Chameleon cold brew coffee, in espresso. Each bottle contains 150-250 mg of caffeine, with espresso and black coffee containing more than the flavored cold brews. This is the best to-go coffee I’ve had when I am unable to make my own. Despite trying other brands, I keep coming back to Chameleon. It tastes flavorful and perfect with almond milk.

At $3 for a 10 ounce of Ready-to-Drink espresso, I can get two days worth out of it since I’ll use half the bottle in a cup of almond milk. The company is Austin originated and their website speaks to the level of care and love I have for coffee. In my opinion, best I have tasted. Be sure the recycle the glass container. Chameleon Cold Brew did not pay me for this review. fullsizerender-2

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