The next coconut water?

Has anybody tried maple water? Sometimes I venture into Whole Foods with a shopping list and other times I meander my way through the aisles to check out what kinds of products are for sale. So that’s how I ended up trying maple water. When I purchased it, there was a buy 1 get one FREE deal as it’s highly perishable and there was two days left to enjoy it (per time stamp on the bottle).  I was expecting maple water to be sweeter but it was pleasantly neutral. It’s different from coconut water in that it’s a bit more viscous, or thicker. Happy Tree Maple Water was founded by two siblings and the maple water is sourced from upstate New York. Maple water is half the calories and sugar of coconut water, which surprised me because when I think of maple, I think of the thick syrup I drizzle over my pancakes. One 10-ounce bottle also gives you nearly 50% of your manganese requirements; this element is needed for brain and nerve function. Maple water also contains some B vitamins which are great for energy.

Overall, something different, tasty when cold but it was hard for me to get used to the thickness of the liquid. I’m not sure if I would spend almost $4 for a little over a cup of maple water.

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